L’11 – Pizzeria

The restaurant L’11 is characterized by an open space and, at the same time, is conceptually divided in areas. This diversity is made possible by the furniture chosen: the assortment of seats and the choice of distinct materials for the tables separates the area of the bar from the restaurant.
The ambience gravitates around the spectacular Pizza furnace in high-quality marble, a monument to fire and a celebration to the more homely oven and the intimacy of the family, strengthened by its location in proximity to the customers. Another strong element is the suspended fireplace.
The choice of materials goes from wood to steel, for the tables but also the coverings of the walls, without forgetting a meticulous care of the texture: both working with the roughness of the materials, but also playing with different levels of surfaces.
The light is designed with spotlights on the ceiling and long black lamps dropping from high above, to create a pleasant environment.