Our clients know we don’t necessarily design what they have in mind. We design what they don’t expect, what they would never have imagined. We approach creative thinking with the mind of a child, without limits, except for those we have verified through experience. All alternatives are worth consideration and in this way we often make some very interesting discoveries.


In order for a person to perceive space and understand it, he or she must open to a myriad of stimuli and information that is then filtered through his or her own cultural awareness. Detail comes from the basic elements of this inner “dialogue”.



We know from experience that one definite and univocal solution will never satisfy what is needed to create something unforgettable. That’s why we like weightlessness; in architecture it is synonymous of openness and diversity. Providing different interpretations for one object or place means favouring thought, imagination and the best solution.



Architectural space becomes real when an idea is “contaminated” by the ambiance for which the project is being developed. That is why trying to describe a project in words inevitably betrays its profound nature and complexity. It’s the difference between a house and a museum.