Favorita Office - Verona



This office building housing is the new headquarters of a leading company in the marble field.
The project is located on an industrial site, out in the middle of the countryside close to the Garda lake.
The main entrance faces East towards the vineyards and the rear section is enclosed and connected to the slab storage warehouse.
The façade is characterized by a interplay of geometries and overlapping layers: the 9 meters vertical bearing covered by black marble, the corridor and the curtain wall.
The double-height hall and reception is the core of the building. It connects all the spaces: offices, meeting rooms, show-room, warehouse and the multifunctional open space at the upper level trough the wide stairs.
The interiors combine technical sobriety and elegance with striking aesthetics to make the work premises comfortable. The natural and artificial light, acoustics and air conditioning have been optimized both passively and actively.